ClassJuggler Dance supports many countries!

You don't have to be a U.S.-based dance studio to enjoy the benefits of ClassJuggler Dance. What's more, ClassJuggler Dance supports the unique needs of dance studios doing business in countries outside the U.S. Bonus capabilities include support for:

  • States, Territories, Provinces, and Counties — Built-in logic automatically adjusts the dance school software's address fields according to the country for each record.
  • Country Selector — Got customers in more than one country? No problem; the country selector tool in our dance software lets you enter addresses from different countries.
  • Zip or Postal Codes — ClassJuggler's software for dance studios supports country-specific numeric and non-numeric postal codes.
  • Currency symbols — Choose the default currency type to match your dance school. For example: Canadian "" or the U.K. "".
  • Date formatting — Select date format most appropriate for your country. For example: "mm/dd/yyyy" for the US or "dd-mm-yyyy" for the U.K.

Use ClassJuggler Dance in your country!

Our dance school management software has a growing list of supported countries, which presently includes the following:

United States
All states including Puerto Rico
Dance School Software for Canada Dance Studios
English language version only
Dance Studio Software for Australia Dance Schools
All states and territories
Dance Software for UK Dance Schools in the United Kingdom
Including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

If you have country-specific questions about our software for dance studios, please contact us for more information.

Experience our dance school power-user tools for yourself!

We can tell you how well ClassJuggler Dance will work for dance studios in these countries, but why take our word for it when it's free to try!
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