Easy to operate, easy to use!

ClassJuggler Dance's innovative dance studio administration features and online service model let you to spend less time updating information and more time with your dance students. And if you use our dance school software's Customer Portal features for dance class registration and payments, your customers will find ClassJuggler Dance super easy to use.

ClassJuggler Dance enables you to offer your students an array of online dance class registration and scheduling services, such as online dance class registration and online payment - all in a user-friendly environment for best-in-class self-service:

  • Consistent user experience—The ClassJuggler Dance Software's environment for your customers can function as a seamless extension of your Web site, carrying forward your look and feel.
  • A familiar shopping environment—If your customers have ever purchased anything online, then selecting classes in our dance management software's Customer Portal is a snap. We have the same shopping cart and checkout features found with the most popular online stores.
  • Online help and tips—Customers can easily get answers to their questions as they sign up for dance classes; inline screen tips help them page by page.
  • Available 24/7/365—Even when you're asleep, your customers may want to do business. No problem: ClassJuggler Dance's services are available day and night to help your customers when they need it.
  • Easy customer payment options—Get paid fast and easy for your services; upgrade to our optional merchant processing tools and let customers pay by credit card. Learn more about our dance class software's merchant processing services.
Regular software solutions are a pain, requiring you to buy owner software discs, go through sometimes difficult installation procedures, pay extra to use the software on multiple PCs, pay again for every product upgrade, and risk losing important business data when a hard drive fails or your computer is stolen.

ClassJuggler's online dance studio software is a better way!

ClassJuggler Dance's Internet-based online dance school database software service offers the smarter, cheaper, safer solution. Here's how:
  • No software to install—ClassJuggler Dance works with your Web browser. Anywhere you have online access, you have ClassJuggler Dance at the ready.
  • Never fear losing data—We keep your dance software and dance school and customer data "in the cloud," not on your computer. It's safe and secure on state-of-the-art secure servers, backed up nightly. And relax knowing we have a history of reliable uptime currently at 99.99918% over a 10-year period.
  • Free and painless updates!—We frequently improve ClassJuggler Dance with new features and functionality, but don't worry; you'll never pay a dime for any upgrade. And upgrades happen instantly, invisibly; new features and functionality are available the next time you sign in, with no updates needed to your PC.
  • Access even without your PC!—With your dance school management software data stored on our servers, it means you can get into your password-protected ClassJuggler Dance account anytime and anywhere.
  • No platform limitations—ClassJuggler Dance is 100% Windows PC and Macintosh™ compatible. ClassJuggler Dance also works great with your iPad®, iPhone®, or Android™ tablet.
  • Build limitless customer records and pull them up instantly with fast customer search tools
  • Create charges, credits, refunds, and record payments
  • Email and print detailed account activity statements for your dance studio customers
  • Email and print invoice statements
  • Track dance student registration and dance class pre-registration
  • Keep detailed dance class attendance records, including try-out and make-up attendance, regular or skill-based attendance, multiple attendance sheet forms, and more!
  • Simplify common enrollment procedures such as tuition updates, dropped classes, enrollment schedule conflict fixing, waiting lists, student class history, and more!
Track and manage your employees and instructors:
  • Powerful administrative access privileges—You have detailed control over what each admin user has access to with our Advanced Security System. Control the days and times and from even what computer an administrator can access ClassJuggler Dance.
  • Dance instructor class assignments lists and reports
  • Dance class history reports for each instructor
  • Administrator accounts for instructor-managed tracking and entry of attendance
  • Much more...
Nobody beats ClassJuggler for its myriad and powerful tools to help you create and manage classes.
  • Easily copy one or a hundred classes to speed setup for new sessions or new years
  • Perform robust class searches and report generation tasks
  • Build all types of class schedules: fixed vs. varying times/days, open scheduled, and no-end vs. fixed start/end. Classes can have a fixed start & end date or no end date (infinite).
  • Choose from several class schedule conflict resolution rules, including enforced capacity control, schedule and classroom conflict management to prevent double-booking, instructor schedule conflicts, and more!
  • Assign and track student skills attainment
  • Track attendance, including try-outs, viewing, make-up attendance, and perfect attendance
  • Manage enrollment with powerful tools to update tuition, handle dropped classes, prorate initial charges automatically or manually, fix conflicts, create waiting lists for full classes, and more!
Plus, our Class Conflict Checker identifies and resolves schedule challenges. See even more scheduling tools and resources when you take a test drive.

Experience our easy-to-operate class-based dance school management software for yourself!

Sure, it's easy use ClassJuggler Dance’s many features, but why take our word for it when our dance studio software is free to try.
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