Easy to customize software for dance studios!

ClassJuggler Dance plays in your sandbox, by your rules

You can easily mold your ClassJuggler world to blend seamlessly into your dance studio business. How you administer ClassJuggler Dance; how your customers experience ClassJuggler Dance's features; how your dance instructors engage with ClassJuggler Dance —it's all in your hands.

ClassJuggler's innovative dance studio management software's administration features and online service model let you to spend less time updating information and more time with your dance students. And if you use our customer portal features for dance class registration and payments, your customers will find ClassJuggler's dance studio software super easy to use.

One reason ClassJuggler Dance software is so easy to set up is that it's "modular"—You can pick and choose which of its dozens of dance studio management software features and tools you want to use or not use: whether to use default settings or customize how features work.

Many of our customers start with a basic setup and then, over time, expand how they use ClassJuggler Dance studio software as their needs grow:

  • Start up fast with our most popular core features, such as our "free test drive" demo mode, setup wizard, class scheduling tools, student records management, and robust help solutions. With just a few mouse clicks, you can get ClassJuggler Dance studio software set up and ready for you today.
  • Then manage your business better over time with ClassJuggler Dance "power tools," like reporting, billing, and security management, all included in our dance school database software.
  • Go beyond default settings by setting up custom student groupings, skill levels, and customer categories to organize your records. Or define default data-entry values to speed entry of new customers and dance students.
  • Grow your ClassJuggler Dance feature set to meet growing business needs with our optional dance software add-ons and partner integrations, such as credit card processing, Web site design, accounting, and tax preparation.

Turn on our dance software's mobile studio features

Switch on the "Mobile class business feature" built into dance studio software frees you geographically – perfect if you own a business that takes your dance classes to day care centers, schools, and community centers.

Choose the accounting system that works best for your business

ClassJuggler Dance school database software’s default accounting system handles all of the application of payments and credits to your charges, automatically splitting transactions to apply them to open charges. For complete control over your accounting, you can enable the "Manual Applied Accounting" system, giving you full access to splitting transactions and applying them any way you want.

Display live dance class listings and schedules right on your own website!

You can integrate our customer-facing features into your dance school's website, with your branding. Our real-time dance class listing feature is a FREE tool that allows you to show up-to-the-second live class listings right on your own Web site, with no programming skills required!

  • Use our online dance class setup guide to create class lists and descriptions on your website.
  • Easily define how and where class listings appear.
  • Class and schedule listings are pulled right from your ClassJuggler Dance database, ensuring up-to-the-minute, accurate enrollment info availability. Your customers see in real-time the number of free slots for all your classes.
  • Save time and money by eliminating course mailings and giving dance class availability over the phone!

Create and manage custom skills

  • Create skills using groups and levels, and assign directly to your dance students.
  • Assign groups of skills to your dance classes.
  • Set quantities for skills-based attendance and training.

Try this easily customized experience firsthand!

Every class-based business owner uses ClassJuggler Dance the way that suits them best, but why take our word for it when it's free to try.
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